Vinaera Wine Aerator Review

You can be as skeptic as you want: a wine aerator can truly make a difference in taste. If it didn’t, it wouldn’t be such a hot topic. If you haven’t owned one before, you might have a lot of difficulties in finding a good product.

However, no matter how picky you are, you simply cannot go wrong with the Vinaera Electronic Wine Aerator/Dispenser; it’s certainly the peak of all aerators that have been commercialized until now.Vinaera - World's First Electronic Wine & Spirit Aerator / Dispenser.


Let’s take a quick look at this product and see why exactly it is the best buy you can make.

About The Product

Until a few years ago, all wine aerators were fairly inchoate devices, in the form of in-bottle funnels. While this isn’t too different from those, it has a few improvements that will make drinking wine an even better experience.

You’re probably wondering “How could a wine aerator be electronic?” The product is equipped with an electronic pressure system; when you press the button on the top, the straw sucks the wine into the chamber and mingles it with air.

Afterward, the pressure pushes it through the spout. We don’t know about you, but we think the item looks really cool and high-tech (even though it’s not). It has a certain note of elegance that other dispensers/aerators lack.

When you use a decanter, you lose a lot of time because sometimes it can take more than half an hour for the wine in it to be properly aerated and oxidized. With this one, you get an almost instant aeration.

Here are some specs:

  • Battery-powered (6 AAA batteries that are not included in the package)
  • Weight: 6.1 ounces
  • Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 2.2”
  • Fits on 750 ml bottles

The Results

Without a doubt, what made this item sell like crazy ever since it first appeared is the speed with which it dispenses the aerated wine: 1 ounce of it every 2 seconds, to be more precise, which is no small thing.

For many, cleaning their dispensers proves to be an issue, because they have no idea how to do it properly. This keeps you away from that sort of trouble.

You can fill a bottle with hot water, install the aerator on top, shake the bottle, then press the button until all water has been disposed of. All in all, this aerator does everything promised by its manufacturer, no more and no less.

The only thing that makes it stand out from perhaps 99.9% of all aerators is that it’s electronic; apart from that, it works in the same fashion. We should mention that it is more stable than other aerators; subsequently it keeps the bottle airtight.VIEW ON AMAZON

What Other People Say

Previous customers are mostly pleased with their purchase. One of the drawbacks many of them pointed out is the price. Yes, we subscribe to the general opinion that this is quite pricey for a wine aerator.Vinaera - World's First Electronic Wine & Spirit Aerator / Dispenser illustration.


In terms of functionality, people didn’t have anything to comment and neither do we. It works as specified – which is a huge plus, considering many products have misguiding descriptions.

We’ve seen a few skeptics that turned around after using this aerator and understandably so since it is effective. Another minor inconvenience that some have underlined – minor, so don’t sweat it – is the length of the straw.

When the bottle is a quarter full, it’s difficult to get the wine out of it.

What We Liked

For starters – the design. There’s no denying that it is as beautiful as a wine aerator can get. The black and the chrome/silver create a quite nice contrast that we’re sure will appeal to many beauty-seekers.

We also liked the fact that it really dispenses perfectly aerated wine in a few instants. And you can believe us – the pressure system is something that we like. It makes the wine all bubbly and genuinely more tasteful.

Cleaning is a piece of cake, and we enjoy this, too. We clean ours by using the water bottle trick and then we let it soak in hot water for a while. If the price would be a little lower, we’re convinced this would sell in the thousands.

Until then, however, you’ll have to pay the retail price for it.

What We Didn’t Like

We’re far from being materialistic, but our only bone to pick with this aerator is its price. It is incredibly expensive, considering it’s nothing that the world hasn’t seen. Pneumatic pumps have been around for decades and so were batteries.

As mentioned, tons of customers have had a problem with the price tag on this aerator. We agree that it looks cool and works just fine, but the price makes it unaffordable for many wine enthusiasts.

Buying Advice

This particular aerator can be purchased from various sources all over the Internet. We have a recommendation, though: consider getting it from Amazon. The aerator is pricey as it is, and you surely want at least free shipping.

Amazon offers that; you’re free to get it from elsewhere, just keep in mind that you could pay $20-$30 in transport fees. That’s expensive, to say the least. Make the right call and get it from a store that is willing to ship it for free.

Concluding Remarks

All things considered, the Vinaera Electronic Wine Aerator/Dispenser is a formidable aerator. It is extremely fast, easy to clean and good-looking enough. However, the price is not justified by its features, at least in our opinion.Vinaera - World's First Electronic Wine & Spirit Aerator / Dispenser how it works.


There are a lot of other similar aerators that sell for a fraction of the price you’d pay for this one. Obviously, if you’ve got the required funds, you’re more than welcome to purchase this. We do recommend it but it’s by no means for those who are shopping on a budget.

We hope you’ve found this review useful and that we’ve provided enough information to allow you to make a sensible purchase.


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